Repairing Together

Partnering Schools in Action


The project started August 2016 with producing and executing thematic social- and environmental action programming for schools of different cultural and racial backgrounds. To open up the true meaning behind the study of kindness, respect, community and repairing the world.


Repairing Together is a program of the Milwaukee Jewish Day School (MJDS) that connects with students from different cultural backgrounds in K-8 schools in the city of Milwaukee. Attitudinal change through inclusivity is the goal, so our young people move into high school and beyond with a solid framework for empathetic leadership in today’s world. 

Through community based social action and tolerance based educational programming, we unite students of multiple ethnicities using opportunities for exploring interpersonal relationships, leadership training and social action literacy.  A volunteer advisory board provides curriculum, fundraising and evaluation support. Specially developed assessments for students and teachers are given at each grade level, guiding ongoing program adaptations. Additionally, 8th grade students take an empathy survey at the beginning and end of the year, a key tool for evaluating impact of Repairing Together.

Our Road Map


Repairing Together develops specific, age appropriate programming that brings students together. Programs involve students learning from others in our community, working side-by-side in social action projects, and developing critical one-on-one connections with each other. 

This partnership exists between Milwaukee Jewish Day School, Indian Community School, Milwaukee College Prep School 38th St, and Bruce Guadalupe School UCC. Programming partners in Milwaukee include Arts@Large, First Stage Milwaukee, Hours Against Hate, Hunger Task Force Farm, Serve2Unite and the Urban Ecology Center. 

In Fall 2019, the program will impact 530 students in Junior/Senior Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th grades. By expanding our program to each grade through a spiraling curriculum that maximizes the impact of the program’s goals over ten years, students’ mindsets will change together as they age. 

Contact Us


If you want to learn more about our programs within the schools or within the community, or if you would like to join us, please contact:

Repairing Together - MJDS

Elsie Crawford, Project Director

6401 N. Santa Monica Blvd

Milwaukee, WI 53217